Do you want to know which are my scars? They say I should appreciate everything that one day brought me to hell. That this feeling of loss, pain, of wanting to leave me body, fear, the sweat of my hands until dripping, all this has shaped who I am today. I must accept the bad things, even look for them to grow as a person.

Tell the Dust describes vital moments which the protagonist transits through. On one side, he imprints it of its harsh reality, distressing and difficult to carry with. From the other side, the perception of the same one, traversed by the ghosts of his past and his present. Faced reality and perception, both will fight to establish themselves in a game of opposites to decide which is better for him or her.


Tell the Dust is a contemporary dance project where movement and words are vitally important to create a sensory universe in which both elements make the perfect combination. A story that will catch and move the spectator.

Official Trailer

Company: Ogmia.

Director, choreographer and original idea: Eduardo Vallejo Pinto.

Performers: Claudia Fernández, Michela Lanteri, Maddi Ruiz de Loizaga y Eduardo Vallejo Pinto.

Lighting design: Kira Argounova.

Soundtrack Design: Fernando Nequecaur.

Costumes design: Clara Garrido.

Coaching: Fran Arráez.

Production: Batbox Productions.

Video: Belén Herrera de la Osa.

Photos: Emilio Tenorio.

Poster photo: Nacho Arcos.

Graphic  design: Lorena Dominguez.

Press and comunication: Ana Mª Caballero Botica.

Lenght: 60 minutes.

Audience: Adult.

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