The work sets out the begining in the everyday life of the main character and is related to with the world that surrounds it, placing the audience in a temporary bubble that It is corresponds to a specific time of your life. Another symbolic character appears serving as a container of their personal relationships, their routine and their psychology stable and conformist.

The conflict began when a third symbolic character enters in the space they occupy the other interpreters, inevitably attracting to the protagonist toward him and creating a clash between its stability and a new vision and with high expectations of their future.

A story that tells how we are passionate and as the wishes of growth they can end up with many of the elements that are part of our life. A piece about strength, overcoming and the effort that establishes a latent question Can We leave the imperfect things that we love in search of perfection unattainable but passionate?


The world surrounding the work maintains a balance between a comfort zone and a space closed, by establishing a counterpoint that promote the idea of comfort against uncertainty. As if the protagonist is located on a cliff admiring the landscape, captivated by the beauty but a step to lose much. Holding the choreography on a space delimited of which characters not they can escape. The piece seeks to cause, with the help of the staging space sound and lighting, a reflection on how we face certain vital and such dilemmas affect our movement, using the unic code of the choreographer.

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Company: Ogmia.

Director, choreographer and original idea: Eduardo Vallejo Pinto.

Performers: Michela Lanteri, Valentina Pedica y Eduardo Vallejo Pinto.

Original music and sound space: Sebastián Borromeo.

Lighting design: Kira Argounova.

Production: Batbox Productions.

Project management and production coordination: Diego Cavia.

Video: Belén Herrera de la Osa.

Photo: Alba Muriel Meléndez.

Graphic design: Diego Cavia.

Lenght: 15 minutes.

Audience: Adult.

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