– work in progress  

Doppelgänger is a short piece created by Eduardo Vallejo Pinto that narrates the nostalgia of a young woman and how she questions herself day by day while having a conversation with her most intimate self in the solitude of her room.


Doppelgänger is part of a research process that continues with the analysis of the conceptual cognitive part of the human being. From his studies, the creator asks himself the following questions: How is the movement of individuals affected according to their psyche, personal relationships, experiences? Does gender define movement? Does our social environment condition how we move? Are the fractures and breaks in the individual’s personal history visible in their movement and body language?

Rehearsal Video (coming soon)

Company: Ogmia.

Choreographer: Eduardo Vallejo Pinto.

Performers: Yaiza Caro Martinez y Eduardo Vallejo Pinto.

Music and sound space: 

Lighting design: Kira Argounova.

Costumes: Eduardo Vallejo Pinto.

Production: Batbox Productions.

Project management and production coordination: Diego Cavia.

Photo: Alba Muriel Meléndez.

Graphic design: Diego Cavia.

Lenght: 10-12 minutes.

Audience: Adult.


Ogmia is an innovative world of refreshing movement created by Eduardo Vallejo Pinto and based in Madrid.


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