Premiere: 21 Oct 2022, Gijón.

Danza Xixón - Teatro Jovellanos

Glass House.

A house is a place to be inhabited. A place that protects us, that covers us.
But… what happens when that place ceases to be habitable and comforting?

Glass House is a perverse utopia in which concepts are opposed. A cataclysm that generates an altered state of mind in search of revelations.

The crystal can be fragile or hard. Transparent or opaque. We can choose to see what’s on the other side or look at our own reflection. A self to which we will look in the eyes or from which we shall turn our eyes depending on how prepared we are to face this process of ecdisis. That virtual reflection that refracts the glass house and through which we will have to go to extract our own reality.

The creator Eduardo Vallejo opens the door to a ritual catarsis in which the individual, as part of an anti-utopian society in which he feels alienated, will try to save himself. Forming part of this collective pulse and learning, as if it were the pillars of a house, that each being is an indispensable piece for this social construction.

To this ascension the first thing must be to have self-consciousness. An identity in which to be reflected in others as part of a whole, a living, latent and feeling organism.

The chimera must be danced.


Marta Abad Molina. 


Conceived, created & directed by Eduardo Vallejo
Company Ogmia
Choreography Eduardo Vallejo in collaboration with the performers

Performers: Nabar Jon Ander, Andrea Biagioni, Guillaume Cursio, Julien Guibourg, Michela Lanteri, Anna Riley-Shepard, Raquel Zamora

Artistic Collaborator for Sound Iván Solano
Objects Design in collaboration with Kikekeller
Artistic Collaborator for costumes Tamara Press

Original Music, Sound Space + Sound Design and operation Iván Solano
Lighting Designed in collaboration with Juan Seade
Dramaturgy Eduardo Vallejo

Dressmaking Tamara Press
Executive Producer + Coordination + Assistant Director Diego Cabia
Assistant Director Michela Lanteri

Filmmaker Belén Herrera de la Osa
Rehearsal Photography Maui Losada, Eduardo Vallejo
Stage Photography Alba Muriel

Voice training Iván Solano
Assistant Sound Engineer

Press + Comunication Elena Garrán
Text Marta Abad
Production Assistant Coqui Nieto

Tour Manager Diego Cabia
Distribution Claudia Morgana

Produced by
Eduardo Vallejo

Executive Producer
Diego Cabia

With the support of
Comunidad de Madrid, Teatro del Bosque, Teatro Jovellanos, Compañía Nacional de Danza, INAEM-Ministerio de Cultura y Deporte, Ayuntamiento de Móstoles, Centro Cultural Villa de Móstoles, Ayuntamiento de Alcorcón y CC. Los Pinos

Premiere: October 21, Festival Danza Xixón. Main stage, Teatro Jovellanos

Produced by
Batbox Productions

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