No time to rage exhibits symbols of different archetypes that interact with each other destructively. It illustrates a phagocytic society where the different one is punished automatically.

A complex and profound work that shows the loneliness of those able to see reality with more dimensions than the rest of the people. Located in a pseudo-futurist setting, the characters coexist indistinctly, combining their present with their past, to show how they have become executioners when they were once victims, repeating toxic patterns.

The arc of the action arises from moral violence until the changes that the nature of an individual may suffer when faced with their environment, changing from the sentencing of some to the repentance of others, each character of the piece representing the ways in which they have arrived at who they are.


This narrative aims to present the idea to the viewer that identity should be completely free of moral trials driven by society, regardless of the characteristics of the individual, reclaiming the philosophical idea of free will as opposed to the submission which a social being must undergo in order to coexist.

Through a minimalist aesthetic symbolically supported through wardrobe and precise lighting, the interpreters come accompanied by the dimensions of all planes of meaning that harbor the conforming to the choreography.

Official Trailer #2

Official Trailer #1

A trip of extreme crudity that shows how certain behaviors that we blindly assume throughout our life they can cause extreme damage to our peers.

Company: Ogmia.

Director, choreographer and original idea: Eduardo Vallejo Pinto.

Choreographer assistant: Michela Lanteri.

Performers: Javier Monzón, Michela Lanteri, Valentina Pedica, Delaney Conway, Yaiza Caro Martinez, Mai Matsuki y Eduardo Vallejo Pinto.

Original music and sound space: Iván Solano.

Lighting design: Kira Argounova.

Costumes design: Piedad Valles y Eduardo Vallejo Pinto.

Coaching: Fran Arráez.

Production: Batbox Productions.

Project management and production coordination: Diego Cavia.

Video: Belén Herrera de la Osa.

Photo: Alba Muriel Meléndez.

Graphic design: Diego Cavia.

Lenght: 75 minutes.

Audience: Adult.

Reherasal Teaser #2

Reherasal Teaser #1

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