World Premiere: 31 Oct 2019, Madrid.

Teatro del Bosque

No Time to Rage exposes the conflict experienced by the individual who decides to confront society. Or what is the same, who decides to confront himself. Deconstructing in order to build.

In this journey of dualities, the individual who wants to survive and transcend, must face his environment, facing the exclusion and rejection of others. Even opening the possibility of his own mutation, of loss, during the journey.

Without good there is no evil. Without evil there is no good.

The characters in No time to rage are subjected to a constant dichotomy, they develop in a pseudo-futuristic space-time, alternating two lines that dramatize their present and past experiences. A cycle of toxicity that, like a neoeternal return, includes the two faces of the same reality: being both victim and executioner.

This constant conflict, wishes to lead the spectator to a self-evaluation on the concept of the “self” and the “other”, resetting their own prejudices. It generates an open but thoughtful wound, touched through the sharp and precise expressiveness of the dancers’ interpretation.

No Time to Rage viscerally tells the story of a society in which its participants believe they are free of conventions and established roles, looking at their own navel to avoid recognizing that they themselves created the place from which they cannot free themselves.

This work reflects the dark contradictions that are part of freedom itself, but sheds light on it, on this innate desire impossible to extinguish in each of us.

Marta Abad Molina.


Direction, Concept and Choreography Eduardo Vallejo Pinto
Choreographer Assistant Michela Lanteri
Performers Javier Monzón, Eduardo Vallejo, Valentina Pédica, Michela Lanteri, Yaiza Caro, Mai Matsuki and Marta Pomar
2º Cast Eduardo Vallejo, Álvaro Olmedo, Lisvet Barcia, Raquel Zamora, Yaiza Caro, Mai Matsuki and Marta Pomar

Dramaturgy Eduardo Vallejo Pinto
Original Music and Sound Space Iván Solano
Lighting Design Kira Argounova
Costume Design Eduardo Vallejo Pinto
Dressmaking Piedad Valles
Coaching Fran Arráez
Production Batbox Productions
Production Manager Diego Cabia
Filmmaker Belén Herrera de la Osa
Rehearsal and Stage Photography Alba Muriel Meléndez
Press and Communication Elena Garrán
Distribution and Management Claudia Morgana
Graphic Design Diego Cabia
Duration 70 min
Audience +13

Supported by Creation and Development of the Performing Arts of the Community of Madrid. INAEM, Ministerio de Cultura y Deporte, Gobierno de España.

Special thanks to Centro Centro Coreográfico Canal, Compañía Nacional de Danza (CND) and Teatro del Bosque.


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